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Sierra Sasquatch

  Registered Nurse by trade specializing in the operating room. I have been
tracking a group by applying a formula I had invented through experimentation.  
On the left are pages that will help you get a better understanding  of my
experience, training, motivation and rational as to how and why I do what I do. It
is a highly disciplined approach requiring the utmost respect and understanding of
mother earth and her residents of the wild as well as yourself (you can't give
respect for others if you don't have it for yourself) . These acquired skills can then
be applied to the every day modern world allowing for a more happy, healthy, full
filling and youthful life...the true fountain of youth.

  By using the same . / technique and formula I have been able to cast over 150
tracks of the same individuals as well as new ones, spanning the sierras predicting
with amazing accuracy. This was tested and proven when I agreed to validate this
with Dr. Jeffery Meldrum as well as the camera crew of MonsterQuest in the field
in 2010.   To my understanding no one has the proven track record I have produced
with consistent,  measurable, predictable and repeatable evidence.... this is true
science. I have experienced much in the wilderness by myself known and unknown
to the public but all documented by video. Some have even attempted to copy and
decipher my information through less than honorable means none of which will
matter since I am the only one that knows the meaning of the information
however, it speaks volumes of the threat of my presence. These are people that
you would think credible and honest but it has been my experience that in this
field when money and  ego are suspected,  motives should be investigated.  Please
feel free to contact me if there are any questions. Also please respect this site and
all of the information that I impart to you. Give credit where credit is due.

Jaime Avalos RNFA,CNOR - Founder