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In the page "emotions" I  talk about how emotions can  be transmitted through the environment in the form of energy which can then be interpreted by the residents of the wild.  This is not merely a charitable  act towards others in the face of society but rather  your disposition, the true you. This can be changed and  starts  with conscious effort  of how you interact with other people in your daily life.  Think of the disposition of a Priest and a US marine Drill Instructor , one you feel comfortable around the other,  not so much.  It is how you move, stand, posture, and gesture let alone the sounds you emit or speaking voice.  Add the energy you give off and that is what the residents of the wild interpret as neutral or a threat.  You must make yourself approachable and it starts with benevolence of the heart. 
     Myamoto musashi was a famous swordsman in feudal Japan.  At the age of 13 he killed his first opponet, a celebrated swordsman with his own short sword. He was known as a rather callous brute with a very mean disposition.  One day Musashi visited with a Priest on a sunny day when a snake came upon them. The snake slithered alongside and past  the priest but then as it came upon Musashi curled up in attack position.   Musashi thought to himself how after many years of practice to create  fear upon his adversaries  had created an embodiment of a being to  be feared upon.  This was evident to him by how the snake reacted  differently to  the priest then to him.  What should be taken from this story  is how the  residents of the wild understand what truly resides in a man's heart.  If your heart is of true gentleness, caring, compassion and generosity you will be able to walk into the wild  without fear.  If you have hate, greed, or lack compassion in your heart this too will be divulged by evidence of your interactions with the wild.  When I lived in Texas I used to run with my dog into the bush without a  gun and have come into contact with wild boar.  In one instance I came upon a mother boar and  her babies,  I was about 30 feet  away from them with my dog.  She paid no attention to me as she sat in the open  watching her babies run around her with their  little tails sticking  straight  up looking like  the contact wires that touched the electrical mesh ceiling that powered the bumper cars at the local amusement park, as they scurried around. The momma boar only looked at me and nothing else.   Days later I had heard a man that lived close to me had tried to run down the same paths and was attacked by a pack of boars,  he was a very arrogant and self centered person.  I have come into contact with many dangerous animals while in the wild without ever being attacked. Rattlesnakes, wild boar, cougars, bobcats, bears have never shown me any sort of aggression. This goes also with those ancient ones of the wild. I have never had rocks thrown at me, screaming, or any other sort of display of not being welcomed. I have had gifts of headless snakes, chipmunks, and many feathers left for me. All of the gifts I have received all had one common denominator and that is the same barefoot prints showing up along with these gifts. I have cast over 160 tracks of the same individuals for years spanning the  entire sierra nevada mountain range.   Dr. Jefferey Meldrum has validated them coming from the same individuals from different sites throughout the years including a validation as seen on the MonsterQuest episode of Sierra Sasquatch.  A body or DNA evidence will never provide the information needed for understanding them.  It will take sustained contact to gather this sort of information. 
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