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To be able to walk in the forest alone at night without a gun let alone a flashlight requires much courage. Courage is when you understand the consequences of your actions but do not allow them to sway your goals. This is not something you can buy or pretend to have but acquired through training. Those who have come upon these great beings at night will confess that they feel inadequate even with a gun. As Roy Schrieder said in Jaws "We need a bigger boat!". It is what has allowed the great to succeed and those without to fail. This is the history of Man. One of the hallmarks of courage is the ability to control ones emotions. Emotions are not simply feelings about something but a complex cascade of biochemical and hormonal sequences of peptides that match the state of mind you are in. 
Emotions start at the level of neurons. When you think a certain way like lust, hate, anger, self pity, fear ,love, repulsion, frustration your neural connections begin to connect allowing this cascade process to occur starting at the hypothalamus then to other glands thus sending these neural peptides/hormones to every cell in your body biochemically matching your emotional state.  It is this way of thinking that brings the neural networks or groups of neurons or nerve cells together creating neural networks. It is when you have these thoughts (emotions) on a daily 
basis that these neural networks have a long term relationship with each other called an Identity.
      Can this sort of thinking be addictive?  You betcha!!! The same receptors on the cell membrane for emotions are the same ones used for drug addicts.  Just as a drug addict will use the same drug a person will use the same emotions to 
achieve the same effect at the cellular level.  As time goes by addicts will need more of this emotion or drug to get the same effect.  So you can see how emotions can be addictive. We cannot direct our eyes anywhere without evoking some sort of emotional response.  Ever wonder why some people are always hateful, lustful, or always feeling sorry for themselves?  It is not just an excuse but an actual chemical addiction.  Addicts will seek out the drug of their choice or as in emotions, those people will create situations where to bring about these sort of emotions. The one thing a hater cannot stand is when you refuse to hate them back, this gives cause to their emotion. This is how they deal with the everyday trials and tribulations of life like an alcoholic needing a stiff drink. An addiction is simply something that you cannot stop like an alcoholic who can't have just one beer. This does not mean emotions are bad because they are meant to chemically reinforce connections between humans like love and compassion. It is when they are abused or used inappropriately that they become a problem.                                        

     While in these states the body transmits an energy that animals will interpret. Ever hear of Ceasar Milan ( Dog Whisperer), he talks about giving off the wrong energy to your pets? Humans however through vocal communication, 
have relied on speaking for the transmission of information.  Humans have relied so much on this sort of vehicle to transfer information that most have lost the ability to feel others energy or true feelings.  Politicians understand this and 
evoke them in their favor. You know, Weapons of Mass Destruction?  Fear is an emotion that those addicted to will seek out like horror flicks or place themselves in a situation that allows themselves to be fearful.  I love rollercoaster rides because it  is an adrenaline rush however it is not an obsession as those addicted to this sort of  emotion.   

     How this all fits together is what you state of mind is in is directly related to your receptability to the residents of the wild.  If you go into the wilderness with a set agenda (intent) your body posture, movement, and thoughts are interpreted by the wild thus they will determine if they see you as a threat or a neutral entity. A litmus test of your status is how the residents of the wild interact with you.  Are you able to get close to them without alarming them?   Do they run from you or perhaps just walk casually away from your if at all. In order to be at this level requires much training of the mind a reset of disposition if you will.             
     Emotions can be invoked by visual, auditory, tactile and smells and ecspecially memories.. Once they have been stimulated it sends a cascade of biochemical reactions all happening instantaneously. The  video below  was designed 
to give you a bit of insight of how they work within ourselves. Those with Acrophobia might feel a little more stimulation.


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