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My First Encounter

     In June of 2005 I decided to quit my job in Reno and start traveling as a Registered Nurse. I was really looking forward to the freedom that travel Nursing could offer allowing me to take as much time off as I pleased between assignments and choosing new places to explore while making a living. When I was 18 years old I left my home town returning periodically to visit family and friends but never staying long. At 42 I thought that this would be a good chance to try a working vacation near my hometown, instead of being 3 days away, I would only be 3 hours away. So I packed up and headed east taking my time and stopping frequently visiting shops stopping at places of interest, fishing holes and national parks. After 6 months of working and visiting I decided to head back west. After working a couple assignments I got an assignment in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. I was able to enjoy all of the winter activities while there.  I would stare up into the mountains patiently waiting for the winter to release its grip and free the mountains up for passage. 
     As spring melted the snow and opened roadways I would spend time exploring these newly accessible pathways while taking in the beauty. During one such trip I came upon a jogger going down a dirt road. I asked her if there was anyplace that I could go 4x4ing, she pointed to a mountain peak just west of me. Its trail was discernable heading upward towards the mountain peak.  When I got to the base of the trail I looked up and could see that this trail was going to test the capabilities of my truck as well as myself. The trail was spotted with snow, run off flows and partially exposed boulders on steep inclines. On my first try I was able to get about half way up only to be turned back by the deep snow that still had not melted. The second try I was close enough to walk the rest of the way to the top.  I could see the lake a few hundred feet below still covered in ice and snow. As the snow melted I continued to head to the lake until I was able to drive all the way to its shores. I spent much time at the lake as well as other spots along the trail exploring a section at a time.  I would climb to the highest peaks and sit for hours first taking in all of its beauty in a gaze then focus on interesting  areas in the distance as I planned how I would get there. The fishing in this area was good, it was obvious that not many had come here to cast their rods. 
     One day in June of 2006 I was coming down the trail from a days adventure when I came to a spot that overlooked the meadow below. In the distance I could see another 4x4 vehicle coming my way so I started planning where I would meet up with them to pass eachother without conflict. About that time I noticed something traveling from south to north in the meadow. It was around 6.5 to 7 feet tall and all in black to include the bottom of their feet. Its face was so black I could not get any facial details its hair was so  black that it had a blue hue to it. I could see the muscles moving in the bright sunlight, as anticpated from a living biological being and not a man in a monkey suit. (I had been doing surgery for 14  years at that time, specializing in Orthopedics so I am familiar with human anatomy).  I actually remember thinking to myself when I first saw it "What's a guy in a monkey suit doing up at this elevation?". Its color,size and behavior gave me the impression that it was very young like the dark/glossy colors of a young animal.  They seemed to be very scared and was just trying to get out of the area. I don't think it knew I was there at least in the beginning of this event.  
     They had a conical head that went straight to shoulders with a massive chest. The shoulders were around 36 inches wide and tapered down to about a 30 inch waist. The legs were very muscular as well as their arms with their  hands coming  down to around knee level. Its movement was very strange as it crossed the 4x4 trail. Their arms and legs were extended and rigid as they leaned forward pumping furiously kind of like a Bugs Bunny exit stage left routine. The knees were  locked in the gait.  I stopped when I first saw them and watched as it crossed over in about 3-5 seconds. I reached down and grabbed my camcorder waiting to see if I would see them again. After about 30 seconds I figured that whatever it was had kept going out of my view, I set my camera back down and started moving forward.  About then they came back for their second showing this time they leaned back and moved like how one would move when trying to move away from a growling dog, not wanting to provoke a chase response leaning back with feet out forward. It was then that I got a good look at the bottom of their feet that were all black. It was when they came back across that I started thinking about how muscular, large, smooth and quickly it moved. Thoughts of what it could do to me started flooding my mind raising the hairs on the back of my neck and forearms even though it did nothing to make me think that way, its appearance was very intimidating.  It soon disappeared in the direction they came from not to be seen again. I sat there in my truck thinking about what I might of just seen or did I see anything at all and why did they walk that way?  I started heading down into the meadow anticipating meeting up with the 4x4 coming my way, thinking that they just saw what I saw offering validation. I crossed paths with the other 4x4 just before the meadow, it was a young man with his girlfriend by his side. They just waved as they passed by me, it was obvious they saw nothing. When I got to the meadow I noticed on the north side of the meadow a group of people playing frisbee, they obviously saw nothing either. I got out of my vehicle and looked in the direction it went up the hill and could see impressions in the gravel going uphill like tiers.  I continued down the mountainside questioning if I really saw what I thought I saw. I told no one of that event until a year later.  I traveled to another assignment and then was requested to return by the hospital. 
     When I got back there I started hiking, fishing and enjoying the scenery all along keeping aware that whatever I saw could still be up there. About 11 months later I picked up my first impression and a few months after that I cast my first track. I continued to visit the forest fly fishing and picture taking but now in full tracking mode. In October of 2007 I went public with my sighting on a local tv show but  now had evidence to substantiate my claims.  I was later contacted by an orthopedic surgeon that said  he and his wife were out cross country skiing when they encountered a barefoot trackway heading up the mountain in the snow and that I should go look in that area. He stated the trackway was in a straight line and footprints measured around 10 inches and could easily be identified as a barefoot track. It was during that time I started creating a formula to help me locate where they would be next.  I was able to prove the validity and accuracy of the formula when I appeared on the Monsterquest Episode "Sierra Sasquatch". Using the formula, I projected where to find tracks and cast a track on site in front of the crew later to be verified by Dr. Jeff Meldrum as coming from the same individual based on a sampling of castings I brought with me. 
This formula has proven fruitful in other parts of the country. I continue my search with an objective of sustained noninvasive encounters.  The acquisition of a body would not reveal behavior and interactions with themselves as well as their environment.

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