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A butterfly flaps their wings thus a small town in Tokyo is destroyed.  It all sounds overdramatic or even a bit contrived but our actions do affect the environment around us in ways that we would of never thought.  Even our interactions with one another can affect eachother as we continue our interactions with others throughout the day let alone our lifetime.  Our interactions with our environment  can also have a dramatic impact with the residents of the wild as seen in the background of this page. A fisherman's careless discarding of fishing line would later take the life of this bird. 
     Walking in the wild one must be aware of the impact the hiker can have on their immediate environment whether it be plant or wildlife as well as your fellow human being.  Being thoughtful and respectful will also allow you to travel within the wild without disrupting the residents of the wild creating a calm, receptive and neutral  environment.  Through understanding you prepare yourself (see disciplines), to go into the wild as well  as a proper state of mind.  To understand how to create this state of mind  look under the catagory of "Heijoshin". A good litmus test that you are in this state is the interaction you have with the residents of the wild.  Do you see wildlife and if so are they alarming?  How easy is it for you to watch them without disrupting their behavior?  If you have poor interaction with the residents of the wild, what chance do you think you will have with them?

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